Image-controlled therapy for back pain

Back pains constitute one of the most frequent reasons to see a doctor. In young patients, the pain is caused by a dysfunction of the vertebral joints due to bad strain or overstrain in most cases. People often get problems in later years on account of signs of wear and tear of the vertebral spine (e.g. arthrosis). Bad posture and often unilateral stress of the vertebral spine may also result in prolapses of intervertebral disks (shift of the disk between the vertebral bodies). In all cases, inflammatory processes occur and result in persistent pain and limited mobility. Selective and effective treatment of back pain directly there on the spot is possible thanks to image-controlled therapy for back pain - as a gentle alternative to surgical procedures.

Common reasons of back pains

Pain in the back and discomfort in the distribution area of the affected nerve (radicular pain) may occur as a result of pressure or any other irritation of a nerve root, for example due to the prolapse of an intervertebral disk or bony constrictions in the nerve tract due to wear and tear.
Moreover, overstrain, inflammatory processes or increasing wear at the small intervertebral joints can cause intense back pain and complaints that, similar to radicular pain, may spread to the arm or the leg pseudoradicular pain, facet syndrome).

Process of examination

Interventional radiology - that is the selective medical treatment under safe and immediate image control (more or less under live conditions) - plays an important role for injections at the vertebral spine. Since the very sensitive spinal cord and the nerve roots are located here, CT-controlled injections offer a great extent of safety. This is how a puncture needle can be directed selectively to nerve roots (for periradicular therapy PRT), facet joints (for facet joint infiltration) and the vertebral canal (for epidural infiltration).

The therapy aims at long-term influencing the so-called pain memory (relief of pain, reduction of nerve excitability) as well as anti-inflammatory effects and increase in local supply with blood. Pinpoint treatment directly on the location of the pain make a quick effect possible with low drug dose. 

A very thin hollow needle is placed accurately to the millimetre under computed tomography control. When the needle is positioned correctly, drugs are administered. Treatment is carried out on the lying patient under administration of a local anaesthetic and only takes a few minutes. The therapy is largely painless and generally does not produce any significant adverse effects. If required, the injections can be repeated several times without any problems.

Selective image-controlled therapy for back pain is a relatively complex therapy method. It always makes sense to use this method when the usual treatment measures have not resulted in the desired success. If you are interested, one of our physicians will advise you without obligation whether the therapy might be suitable for your situation.

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