Advantages of the open MRI

Due to its high field intensity (1.0 Tesla), our new open MRI is suitable for all examinations. Whether joints, internal organs, nerves or vessels: completely without the use of x-rays, the inside of the human body is made visible and detailed, accurate representations of all areas and smaller parts of the body are generated.

Furthermore, open MRI provides a lot of comfort to patients. They can lie comfortably, look around and have a very agreeable examination. With mobile components (coils), the body is never enclosed completely. It is also possible for patients to take someone into the examination room for moral support. For example, children can always retain eye contact with their parents and as a result they feel more relaxed.

The 360˚ panoramic view means that patients who suffer from claustrophobia no longer have to be afraid of an MRI scan. The Panorama is also suitable for larger patients due to its wide opening of 160cm (in comparison with the conventional tunnel system which has an opening of 60-70cm).

The open structure makes lying down on the examination table for elderly patients more comfortable. Lying down during the examination is also made easier for people with limited mobility. Furthermore, they are more relaxed and it is easier for them to remain still during the examination. All of this positively influences the image quality.

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