Philips Panorama 1.0T equipment information

We carry out our examinations with the new, state of the art Philips Panorama 1.0T (Field intensity 1.0 Tesla).

At first glance, the open design of the high-field MRI stands out. The unit has a diameter of 160cm (in comparison to the conventional tunnel-MRI which has a diameter of approximately 60-70cm) and provides an almost 360˚ panoramic view. Therefore, patients have lots of open space around them instead of being inside a narrow, cramped enclosure. This spacious environment means that for the first time, people who for example suffer from claustrophobia, can have an MRI examination.

The comfortable, relaxed examination setting in the Panorama also contributes to the improved image quality. The images are clearer, as patients find it easier to stay still during the examination. In addition, the image quality is positively influenced by the fact that the body part being examined can always be positioned in the centre of the magnetic field, as it is here that the image quality is at its highest.

A further advantage of the Panorama is the shorter examination time in comparison to other open, non-superconductive lower-field units.

Furthermore the image quality is optimised by the vertical configuration of the magnetic field and the use of more effective receiver coils. This means that the Panorama, with a field intensity of 1.0 Tesla achieves the same image quality as a conventional 1.5 Tesla tunnel-MRI.

Due to its high field intensity, the open, high-field MRI by Philips is one of the few open systems which fulfils the high requirements of the German National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians and the German Employer's Liability Insurance Association.

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