Open MRI

Advantages of the open MRI


Due to its high field intensity (1.0 Tesla), our new open MRI is suitable for all examinations. Whether joints, internal organs, nerves or vessels: completely without the use of x-rays, the inside of the human body is made visible and detailed, accurate representations of all areas and smaller parts of the body are generated.

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Equipment Information


We carry out our examinations with the new, state of the art Philips Panorama 1.0T (Field intensity 1.0 Tesla). At first glance, the open design of the high-field MRI stands out. The unit has a diameter of 160cm (in comparison to the conventional tunnel-MRI which has a diameter of approximately 60-70cm) and provides an almost 360˚ panoramic view. Therefore, patients have...

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How Magnetic Resonance Imaging/MRI works


MRI technology uses no x-rays, but rather a strong magnetic field and radio waves. The heart of the MRI is formed by a heavy-weight, superconductive magnet with an opening, through which the patient enters lying on an examination table. With our new Panorama, which is open from all sides, you can enjoy an unrestricted view during the examination. In no time at all, imaging of every part of the body is produced. A computer generates views of the examined areas from the digital data, which the radiologist then evaluates

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