Digital X-ray examination

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  • chest / air sinuses
  • skeleton

Diagnostic X-ray examinations still constitute one of the pillars of diagnostic radiology.

Chest radiography, that is the X-ray examination of the chest organs, still constitutes the most frequent examination performed in the context of conventional X-ray examinations.

The skeleton is examined frequently as well.  

How is the examination realised?

X-ray radiography is a painless procedure. X-rays get through the body unnoticed and are captured behind it again using detectors in a measurable manner.


In all cases, these examinations produce static images that show a picture of the skeleton or the internal organs at a given instant.

In general, the patients are asked to undress the corresponding part of the body, to take off any jewellery and to sit or lie on the X-ray table. Then, the assistant will give you some short instructions as to body position and respiration, then, she will leave the room and take an image.

The actual realisation of the image only takes a few tenths of a second. During this time, you are not allowed to move and / or you absolutely have to stick to the instructions given by the X-ray assistant or physician. Additional images might be required, but the X-ray assistant will tell you that in time.


Digital X-ray examination 

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